Thursday, January 17, 2008

So where have you been?

So things are so crazy here. I haven't been around at all. I had a blanket for a good good friend but of course I forgot to take a picture. The baby is crawling around like a mad baby!!! He's all over the place! But it's fun.

My Brother is doing well overseas. We get pictures and emails every few days. Which is nice... nothing like seeing and hearing from a loved one with current dates! I'm so thankfull this is not the age where we have to wait for 2 weeks to hear from Our Soliders!!

The New Year feels old already. I don't about you but it's back to same ole same ole.

I have found a link to my favortive John Mayer song ... on yes here's the link

I hope you get to view it and enjoy the music. I love his playing..... I've been listening to it each day at least 4 times.... Crazy right! LOL

Well I guess I need to get back to some crocheting... I started a blanket... just to have. My plan is to make a few and during the early fall go to some Craft Fairs and see how I do!