Sunday, October 21, 2007

I made cake

So I wanted to start and finish a blanket this weekend. And I almost did it... but then today I had to go out for more yarn... and I ended up shopping and then made a cake :)

Don't get all excited... it's a simple yellow cake mix with just a touch of my secret spices!!! Then cool whip and sugar/cinnamon strawberries on top!

I wanted to finish this blanket for Amir. I'm calling it "Fall Leaf." It's about 24ins wide and 38ins long.... I'm going to 48ins by 38ins.... here is a sneak peak. But I did the cake instead...I'm not too upset cause it's 72 degrees in Jersey this weekend... so he doesn't really need it. I really want it for when we go apple and pumpkin picking next weekend.

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